About Bun

Bun is my sister who is one and a half years older than me.  Despite being extremely close, we are complete opposites.   Imagine it this way, based on personalities, I’d live at the North Pole, with Santa and his super awesome elves, and she’d be with the boring penguins in the south.  Well penguins aren’t boring, but Santa is much cooler.  Ha!  Get it?  Cooler?  Because the North Pole is cold! 

As you can tell, I have little to no sense of humor, but my sister, being the opposite of me, can be very funny.  She always makes our family laugh, with her over the top stories of what some person did at school.  Despite the laughs we get, it can become a bit too.  For example, she always calls me bowl cut.  I don’t know why, my hair isn’t really bowl shaped.  I can’t stand that kind of hair cut, and I really like my hair the way it is, so being called this makes me upset at times.  But  after a few months of that nickname, I’m pretty used to it.  She may be funny and great person to befriend, try not to make her mad.  She is super moody and even scares me when she’s upset.  I don’t know why.  One minute she’ll be super nice and funny, the next she’ll be mean and scary!

All mood swings aside, she is super into fashion and models and wants to be the editor of a fashion magazine when she gets older.   She is, or tries, to be super organized. One time in the morning, I found a To Do list in the bathroom.  She was up at five in the morning, studying, during Summer!  At the end of the list, she wrote a note to herself saying, “What would Anna Wintour do?”  Anna Wintour is the editor of Vogue, from what I’ve heard, and is her role model.  I thought it was the cutest thing in the world that she wrote that, and I wish I kept the note.  She loves to write and is hopefully going into journalism as a major.  I hope she gets to become an editor and I think she’ll be good at the job.

Bun always takes forever to get ready for school, always trying to pick out which shirt goes with which pant, and trying to get her hair in a bun just right.  I always make fun of her for spending too much time in front of a mirror, but now that I think about it, she probably doesn’t spend that much time looking at herself, I just spend an abnormal amount of time not looking at myself.  She always tries to look her best, even on the days when nobody will see her, I admire her for this, since I never care about how I look.  We are both very creative, but in different ways.  I enjoy getting my hands more dirty, with painting, or making crafts.  She expresses herself in the way she designs.  She is very unique and never wears the same combination twice.  She can wear bright sweaters and fluffy socks without it looking messy and immature.


Sometimes, (maybe more than sometimes) I do not like my sister.  She is super bossy and mean, but aren’t all sisters?  She takes things that are mine.  Most notably my hair clips.  I always keep my hair clipped to the side so I can see without hair in front of my eyes.  They may not look the best, but they are really easy and quick to put on.  She uses them and always forgets to put them back in the bowl where they belong.  Now all my favorite clips are missing and I’m pretty sure I didn’t misplace them.  Another thing I hate about her is that she forgets to hang up the towels after her shower.   When ever I finish washing my hands, the towels are missing.  We have three towels in the bathroom; two are big, and one is smaller.   All three are always missing.  I can understand one towel being used, but all three?   I do forgive her for this though, she is trying to make an improvement.  The last few weeks, only two towels have been missing.


Well, despite the many things I don’t like about her, I don’t hate her.  Most of the time that is. I’m pretty sure I get her back with my own idiosyncrasies.  I just hope she doesn’t mention too many when she talks about me in her blog post.


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