Bowl through Bun’s Eyes

Anime Tori

Never once in my life has anyone mistaken me for Bowl.  Never.  Then again, it’s to be expected.  We’re polar opposites.  

Bowl is my younger sister, Tori.  The name is quite fitting, as “Tori” in Japanese means bird (Bowl and I are 50% Japanese and 50% Polish).  She truly is like a little bird- well, in sentiment at least.  Bowl has always been the quieter of us two, with ultra-observant eyes, the crafty hands of an artist, and a steady level-headedness that puts the average brain surgeon to shame.  

Bowl is like a doll.  With curiously wide, brown eyes, a lightly tanned skin tone, and petite build, she always looks younger than her age.  A lover of the modern arts and animated, yet practical style, she is never seen outside the house without her signature vibrantly colored jeans- a fearless, yet genuine taste.  Ever since she came home from the hairdressers sporting her avant garde, asymmetrical hairstyle, I haven’t stopped calling her “BOWLCUT!!!”, and hence the nickname was erected.  Bowl.


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