True Mirror


I’ve been wanting to write about this mirror forever, but I needed a reason to post it.  I’ve recently started reading A Tale of Two Cities and Charles Dickens talks about individuality and the secrets people have. Even your own family has secrets they haven’t told you.  You don’t even know the people you are closest to. So, the question is; Is it possible that you don’t know your true self? Well, I personally don’t think that’s possible, of course I know everything about me. Then again, if I didn’t know something about myself, I wouldn’t know that I don’t know, right? Kinda like a unknown unknown.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  However, I have been thinking, and I realized that you don’t really know your true self.  If you look at a mirror, your image is reflected.  Your right side, is your reflection’s left side. If you look at words, you cant read them since they are backwards.  I read in an article that this is why you may look better in a mirror than a photo.  You are used to seeing yourself reflected, but once you see a photo, you see yourself as other see you. The true mirror, quite literally, shows you your true self. In a true mirror you can actually read words! Your left side, is the left side of your reflection.  This is the way that people who are looking at you see you as.  Like the push puzzle, I found this on my favorite youtuber’s channel, Grand Illusions.  He explains how this mirror works.



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