Phantom of the Paradise


Best movie ever! Besides Killer Klowns…….  Its a horror/comedy spoof of Phantom of the Opera (awesome musical) and Beauty and the Beast. Basically, there’s this loser Swan guy and he steals this other person’s music.  That person gets upset and ends up being sent to jail.  When he comes back (escaping from prison.. super funny scene) he ends up burning his face and becoming the phantom of the record company.  It also is about how people will do anything to get money and fame, even if it means selling your soul. Well, honestly the movie part isn’t the best.  Paul Williams played the bad guy, who every girl is attracted to, but he isn’t attractive.  He’s short and old, so it’s awkward.  Apparently Paul was supposed to play the Phantom, but he didn’t feel he was good enough to play him and became Swan instead.  I am mainly love it because of the music.  Williams wrote the songs, so obviously they are going to be good.  The second I watched it, I fell in love, just because of the music.  It’s based around a record company so the music is very important. I bought the soundtrack.  Best 10 bucks ever!  The characters are very lovable.  My favorite is a man named Beef.  He is super feminine but has a very deep/manly singing voice. It’s to watch him act and perform, since he’s super over the top.

Some other characters are Phoenix, who has a super pretty voice, Winslow, is the phantom, whom you cant help but feel sorry for, and the Beach Bums (who also are two other bands, same people different names)  They all have certain very memorable performances.  Phoenix does a super funny chicken dance in hers and the trio does weird things too, like strange interaction with the audience members around them.  In the their song Somebody Super Like You, they reach out into the audience “cutting off” the limbs of fake people to create a super being, who is Beef.

Even though this movie was in the horror category, it wasn’t scary at all. So if you want to watch a non-scary scary film, this is another good one. This may be because its old, like from the 70s, but it may also be since it wasn’t meant to be scary.  Some of the scenes were so ridiculous that it’s impossible that it was meant to be serious.  This is what lead me to find out that it was also under comedy.  The story line was good, the ending was sad.  I cried, I never cry.  You cant help but feel bad for the Phantom, and the end you cant decide whether he wins or loses.  I think he loses…… but so does Swan….


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