For my birthday I got two books.  One was a riddle book and the other was an illusion book.  I’ve always loved illusions but I’ve look them up so many times that I can’t find any new ones.  But the book had a bunch I’ve never seen before, re-sparking my love for illusions.

This first kinda of illusion is what started my love for them.  This picture is still, yet it appears to be moving.  I’ve seen so many of these that they almost don’t impress me anymore.  Almost.

Another kind of illusion is when objects appear to be staring at you, and turning their hears to look at where ever you’re going.  I first saw this at Disneyland in the Haunted Mansion ride.  There are statues of some guys heads.  They are actually inverted ( i think that’s the word) and when you walk it seems as though they are turning with you.

Other illusions I like are impossible objects, like the elephant that you cant tell how many legs it has, or pictures with other hidden things in it.  Like the bunny/duck.  These riddles make you take a second look.  What it appears like at first, may not be what it really is.  See, riddles can also tell you about people.  Don’t judge people based on their looks.  Well this image you can though.

The one thing I liked about the book I got was that each image was both an illusion and a riddle/game.  I love these because it’s not just about the image itself, but it forces you to stair at it until you find whats missing.  Let’s play a game!  How many horses can you find in this image.  I think i found around 21.  And maybe one more, but I don’t know if it’s a horse.

Count The Horses


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