rabbit-inside-hatWhat do I like.  I like clowns, cats, ponies, but most of all, MAGIC!   A lot of my youtube time is spent learning new card tricks.  Unfortunately, I’m not good at working with cards.  When it comes to things that actually take skill, like palming, false shuffling, or double lifting, I’m terrible.  I will say that I’m getting better.  A few months ago I finally learned how to shuffle!  It may not seem like a great accomplishment to some of you, but for me, it was the best thing in the world! Now I can’t stop shuffling. I’ve managed to learn this card trick. I’m not good at it so I never perform it.  I always give away how it’s done.  I’m also not sure if I’m doing it the right way.  I kinda just started playing around with how he could have done it, so it’s possible that he may have done it a different way.

I have found youtube channels that have extremely easy magic tricks to learn, but I won’t tell them to you because then you’ll learn all of my tricks, well my single trick.  I forgot how to do the rest, but they were fun to learn!  Recently I started to collect decks of cards.  In my backpack, I have a normal bicycle deck (best cards in the world) and a 3D cat deck, which I got for Christmas.  I have two because usually one person asks me if they could use the cards, just in case we have a free day.  When I play certain games, I will never use my special decks, only the normal one.  I’d die if my cat cards got bent!   In my purse I have a casino card deck, a normalish bicycle deck, a prison inmate deck (from Alcatraz), a star constellation deck, and a clear deck that my grandma gave me.  A lot of my cards came from her.  My grandma used to collect cards too and my grandma gave me all of them.  That’s what started my card obsession, as well as my obsession for magic.

Card magic isn’t the only magic I like however.  It’s the only magic I can perform.  I love all magic.  Except for the gross magic where they stick needles and stuff in them, that’s nasty.  I’m also not a big fan of escape magic, but it still can be fun to watch.  I’ve watched this series called Penn and Teller Fool Us.  Penn and Teller are super awesome magicians and they invite other awesome magicians to perform for them.  If they can’t find out how the tricks were done, Penn and Teller have to pay them a trip to Las Vegas so they can perform.

I love magic because it leaves me mystified.  It makes it seem as though the impossible has happened.  It makes me feel like a little kid again, where anything can happen.  Even though I love not knowing,  I think I can appreciate the magic even more once I know how it’s done.  I love the creativity that goes into the tricks.  I find it even more magical how the magicians could figure out how to do it. When they use slight of hand, I still think it’s impossible even when I know exactly when and where they takes the hidden object from.  When its a big illusion, I love the thought they put into the trick.


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