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Cupcakes are hard to make.  I mean really hard.  Even when it is a box mix.   It took me 5 hours to make 24 cupcakes (and some brownies).  I was participating in a bake sale with my friends.  We are going to donate the money that we make to an animal center.  It’s for an english project.  We have to help someone out.  There are 3 people in my group, so only three people were baking.

There is a reason why I took so long to bake 24 cupcakes.  In reality I actually baked 36 cupcakes, I ate the other 12 before the bake sale.  There was a communication problem withing our group.  I was going to bake brownies and chocolate cupcakes.  My friend was also going to bake those exact things.  I was making my mom pick the mix up while I was at school, one less thing for me to do, and my friend hadn’t bought hers yet.  I told her to buy red velvet instead.  When I got home, my mom had also bought red velvet.    So now we have the same problem.   I just baked both the chocolate cupcakes and red velvet, and their frosting.  Now I had another problem,  how could I carry the cupcakes without the frosting getting ruined.  Simple, just buy a carrying case!  When I got to the store, there was another box of cake mix, strawberry flavor.  They were pink.  I had to get them,  not for the bake sell, but for home.    When I got home, I realized that I could make the strawberry cupcakes for the bake sale, and keep the red velvet for myself. (Remember, since my friend was also making red velvet) This entire time, I wasn’t communication with the other cupcake friend, I was talking to the 3rd member of our group (she’s like the group leader)  It turned out that she had told the other cupcake girl that I was making red velvet, and she changed her cupcakes for vanilla.  I ended up taking 8 cupcakes of each flavor to the sale, and the brownies.

So the bake sale.  Our goal was to make around $100.  Well, it didn’t turn out like that.  It took 20 minutes for our first customer to show up, and he was really scary.  He was big and walked past us like 3 times,  each time with a creepy smile. He bought two rice krispie treats.  YAY $1!!!  After that we made like no money.  My family showed up and we got $10 from them.   More people came, mostly old people.  Then this woman came up and started taking 6 cupcakes,  she thought they were for 50 cents (the sign clearly said $1.00)  When we told her, she got super pissed, thought we were ripping her off, (apparently we sold someone else them for 50 cents, we didn’t, we sold them brownies for that much)and threw the cupcakes back at us (not really threw, but rudely set them down)  In the end, we only made 45 dollars.   But for being super unprepared, and this being the first bake sale of ours,  I was feeling pretty good.  I had a lot of leftover cupcakes to eat, so that was a plus.  However,  our project was supposed to raise awareness for the animals, but all the bake sale did was make us money (which we have donated).  I kind of hoped that more people would ask about what our reason was, but all they cared about was the food.  So even though we have helped out the center,  we still aren’t done with our project of raising awareness for animals in need.


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  1. What animal shelter are you working with? You should take pictures of the animals and post them. 🙂 (Did you know that cats are really popular on the internet?)

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