Beach Clean Up

fire pit

I can’t believe how lazy people can be.  It takes one minute to throw away a piece of trash.  For English class, my group decided to help animals at the beach.  We did a beach clean up last weekend.  The fire pits were especially trashed.   I found somethings that I couldn’t believe people would burn.   There was one pit that had hundreds of nails in it.   I don’t know why anyone would burn nails, but they did.   My friend found computer parts in one, metal doesn’t burn well, just to let you know.  Other pits had water bottles in it.  You may be thinking, just the bottle, but it was the water included.  Full, never opened bottles.  What a waste.  If it wasn’t gross, I’d probably had drank one of them.  Just kidding, even if it was clean, I still wouldn’t drink a water bottle I found in a fire pit.   We also found coat hangers (people used them to roast marshmallows) For some reason, they didn’t throw them away.   I ended up cutting my legs, since the wire poked through my trash bag. In the sand, mostly we found candy wrappers, that were probably blown away from the wind, or small plastic things, that a normal person may miss, so not everyone  is lazy, just the people at the fire pits.

We didn’t have much time to clean, and we didn’t get much trash, but any little help counts.  Out of the many people that were there, only us (at the time) were cleaning.   I felt like everyone was watching us though, but I ended up not caring, since what we were doing was something awesome, not silly.   We were the only cool people that took time out of our day to help the environment.


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