typewriteri;m a slow typer.  Im a very slow typer.   In elementary school we had to type out little poems that the teacher provided us.  I was always one of the last people to finish typing.  i now realize its because i never typed before then.  The more experience you have typing the faster you are.  Now im a lot faster, but im still slow.  When i got an email, me and my friend (the only one that used their email) would write messages to each other every day.  Since i typed alot more, i became more fast and knew where each key was.  however,  when i type in emails, i never capitalized my letters, or used apostrophes, since i could type much faster without them.  UNfortunately, i got used to that.   When writing formal reports and stuff for school, im always forgetting to type “I” capitalized.  (luckily word automatically capitalized the first letter of sentences for me)  .  Also, when i typed emails, or text, i would use lots of ellipses.  ya know,   the …s  But i use way more than just three dots,  its more like twelve,  this is because i hold down the period button until i know what im about to say……… so its literally a pause.  I decided to not use the backspace when i wrote this.  Which is why there are sooooo many errors.  Now you can see what my emails are really like.  At least you can kinda understand what im trying to say, that’s all that matters to me.  What i also do is never write different paragraphs, i always use one big one,  i dont know why, its just easy, and you dont have to think to do it.

There, I did a new paragraph.  I hate English, it has always been my least favorite subject.  I’ve always been a bad speller, hated reading, and seen things in a very obvious way.  If I read something,  I read it for a story line, not the small little details, which can give you a deeper meaning into the authors mind.   But what if the author has a typo, or there is a translation error.  My friend told me that Cinderella’s shoes were supposed to be furry, but a translator read it as glass instead. I’m not sure if this is true, but there has to  be many things which we think that are wrong, just by human error.  In the Count of Monte Cristo,  my English class asked about why Dumas used Granite.  I was looking at an online version of the book, where they used granite, was different from the hard copy.  The translation was different.  What was the author really thinking, or does it really matter.  I believe that maybe he just needed a different word for rock, but others may have deeper meanings.  If I ever write a book, there would be none of these, mainly because I like doing things fast.  I don’t have time for thinking about reasons for everything.  All I care about is the big picture.


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