What Gets Me Mad


A lot of things get me mad.  In English, we had to write what gets us mad about our family, school, and ourselves.  There were a lot of things that get me mad about my family.  My mom plays loud music (in the morning), my dad has bad hearing (I always tell him things three different times), and my sister is overall annoying (she calls me brother with a squeaky voice).  Those are just a few that get me mad.   For school, everything gets me mad,  the people who go there, the teachers, the classes, the earliness of having to wake up.  No offense to my friends, but I like my alone time,  I can’t stand it when I have to spend my weekends with them.   I can do it once, but if it’s every week then I get mad.  Luckily, I don’t have many friends.   I’m a huge complainer.   That makes me kind of annoying.   Every day when I wake up I say, “I hate school.”  This may be a reason why I hate school. If you tell yourself that, then it’s true.   When I go into zero period, I say, “I hate this class”  and that isn’t a lie.   I say it and I mean it.  After lunch, I’m a lot better, I don’t complain as much.  Maybe it’s because I don’t eat breakfast.  I think people get mad when they get hungry.  I know my family is like that, which, by the way, is another thing that gets me mad about them.


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