I had to watch Rocky (I).   It was ok, there were lots of goods, and lots of bads, but I believe there are more goods.  For one thing, I love the theme song.

Best song ever!   I listen to this song doing homework that I don’t want to do.   But whenever I think of this song, I always end up punching the air around me and jogging in place.   I don’t know why,  it just makes me do it.  Whenever I hear Rocky, this is the first thing I think of.  Just the song makes this an amazing movie.   I also love all of the characters.  They are perfect!  Even Rocky, with his hard to understand voice.  It adds so much character and makes him more interesting.  At first, I was going to put his voice in the bad things about this moive, but I can’t.  It turns out that I love it!  His girlfriend was adorable, and her brother, if he was her brother, was funny.  I wish the movie was longer because the characters could have more debth.  The number one bad thing about this movie was the ending.  Not the fact that he lost the fight, but because it ended right afterwards.  The girlfriend said that she loved him, but everyone already knew that, why would she have to point it out?  It would be better if she wasn’t really sure about loving him, and then at the end saying that, but she was already living with him, the love was clearly there.  I also wish it went into a bit more detail about how that fight changed his live.  I also hate boxing, that was a big con of this film.  I couldn’t stand watching the final scene. I found it gross when they were spitting and sweating everywhere, but that’s just me.   Overall, I can totally see why this movie is so popular, and I’m glad I can finally join the fandom.


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