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As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I love magic.  However, I’m not a magician.  I can’t do any magic tricks that involve any sleight of hand or any other skill, but I can do mathmagical tricks.  Its magic which works itself out.  It involves no skill, and just a little prep, and the trick should happen on its own.  It’s super impressive as well, which is a plus.

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To do one of these tricks you need a deck of cards, a pencil, and a piece of paper, most importantly the cards.  You are going to write a prediction and hide it somewhere, or give it to your audience.  You are going to have them shuffle the deck, as much as they want.  (I like to make it seem as though I’m using mind control on them at this point)  Then tell them to take the top two cards off of the deck.  If they are red and red, put them on the left, if they are black and black, put them on the right, and if they are black and red, put them in the middle.


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After, have them do that to the rest of the cards.  Once the entire deck is gone, take away the middle pile, and put it back in the box, and have them count out the number of black cards in the right pile, and then count the number of red cards in the left pile.  Reveal your prediction, which will say that the piles are equal, and they will be amazed.


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To make this trick impressive, you should do it two times.  The first time take 4 black cards and put them in the box.   Go through the trick normally, (when you put the middle pile back in the box, the trick is reset for the second time) and your prediction should say that there are 4 more red cards than black.  When you do it the second time, use all the cards, and when the result is different, it will seem super impressive.

No matter how many times you do this trick, you will always end up with equal red and black cards.  When you take away 4 black cards, there will always be 4 less blacks than reds.  So it takes no skill at all, just follow the rules, and you should be good to go.


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