“What is ‘Bowl and Bun’?”  “What’s the big idea?”

Upon being asked these kinds of questions, the room atmosphere about us grows deathly silent.  The air turns muggy, a single drop of sweat dribbles down the asker’s temple as they tap their feet in nervous anticipation.

Bowl tends to shrug her cyber shoulders and facepalm accordingly.  I preferably let out a melodramatic sigh.

“Bowl and Bun” isn’t a blog for the faint of heart, reading with the intent to find an answer.  “Bowl and Bun” won’t suit those who crave some single niche.  This blog runs off the sheer personality of two siblings, our daily musings and our opinions and our bickering and our fussings…

Our goal is to make a blog 100% true to us, Bowl and Bun, and we

look to achieve it!  Two heads are always better than one!



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